Some terms share the same root words but differ in their meanings. This is the case with the words purposely and purposefully. Although both of them are adverbial forms of purpose, which means the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists, they varying definitions. This post will help you determine these differences and how these words can be properly used.

The term purposely functions as an adverb meaning with a deliberate or express purpose.

Katie Price facing ‘bankruptcy AND divorce’ as she ‘overspends’ and ‘purposely pushes husband Kieran to leave her’ according to shock reports

Danish inventor accused of purposely sinking his own submarine as Swedish journalist disappears

Teen will plead guilty to purposely crashing into a car, killing its two occupants, attorneys say
Salt Lake Tribune

On the other hand, the word purposefully can be used as an adverb which means in a way that shows determination or resolve or with a useful purpose.

Atlanta business development strategist discusses living purposefully
Rolling Out

How to purposefully and successfully transition to a single-income family
Paris Post Intelligence

Warren Co. Prosecutor: Evidence shows 18-year-old purposefully caused death of infant
WRGT TV Fox 45

Now that you have learned about the nuances between the words purposely and purposefully, you may now be able to use them correctly in your writing. Remember that purposely refers to doing something on purpose while purposefully denotes doing something with a specific purpose in mind or full of purpose.


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